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What is the Akatsuki?

What is the Akatsuki?

What is the Akatsuki?

The “Akatsuki” organization in Hokage is the dawn that bears the members’ dreams of a god in the black world. This is the most powerful and mysterious villain in Naruto.

The original Akatsuki organization was founded by Yahiko, Uzumaki Nagato, and Konan, and its purpose was to achieve world peace. They have been working hard, but after their establishment, whether it was internal conflicts or bad influences from the outside world, Akatsuki’s leader Yahiko appeared. The main task is to collect tailed beasts, form ten tails through the absorption of foreign golems, and ten tails release the infinite moon reading.


Who created the Akatsuki?

Yahiko,Uzumaki Nagato ,Konan

Who is the Akatsuki leader?

On the surface are Uzumaki Nagato Nagato and Uchiha Obito, and behind their organization is Madara controlling everything. Uzumaki Nagato is the superficial leader, and Uchiha Obito is the mastermind behind the scenes. (Obito also follows Uchiha Madara’s plan) Initially, Yahiko established Akatsuki as the founder, and then Yahiko, unfortunately, died in the strategy of “Sanshoyu” Hanzo. After his body, Nagato was made into the Way of Pain, and Nagato continued to lead Akatsuki as “Pain”. Later, Obito joined Akatsuki under the name of the newcomer “A Fei”, and used Yahiko’s death to draw out the dark side of Nagato, causing Akatsuki to gradually fall into an evil organization.

Although Obito was a member of the organization, he had been acting secretly until after the death of the red sand scorpion. He took his place and formed a team with Deidara. When Deidara died, he used “Uchiha” Madara” to appear in front of Pain and Konan.

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