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What do the Akatsuki rings mean?

What do the Akatsuki rings mean?

What do the Akatsuki rings mean?

Pain, Ring Zero, Wearing position: right thumb

Zero, represents nothing, that is, no war, no pain, which is in line with Payne’s idea. Yahiko’s original purpose was to create a world without war and pain. Later, Nagato inherited Yahiko’s will.

Deidara, ring green , Wearing position: right index finger

Green represents Azure Dragon, and Azure Dragon represents a scene full of vitality, but this is somewhat out of tune with Deidara. However, Deidara is not holding vitality, but the vitality of the enemy. If Deidara Pull used his own blasting clay, then the enemy’s vitality will be gone.

Konan, ring white, ring position: middle finger of right hand

White does not mean lady from a decent family, who is fair-skinned and attractive, although Konan is indeed very beautiful, in fact, white means recruiting troops and people to lead the army, and Konan plays just such a role in Akatsuki’s organization, just recall How many people in Akatsuki’s organization were not recruited by Konan?

Uchiha Itachi, ring Zhu, ring position: right ring finger

Zhu represents Vermilion Bird, and Uchiha Itachi is very good at using fire, so this ring of Zhu is very suitable for Uchiha Itachi, plus Akatsuki is darkness, and fire can bring light, which is exactly what it is with Uchiha Itachi Although he is in darkness, his heart is full of light.

Zetsu, ring mysterious, ring position: right pinky finger

Xuan represents Black Tortoise, and in the anime, it represents Netherworld, which corresponds to the fact that Zetsu is actually a dead person, and himself lives in a dark corner all year round, which corresponds to evil in the underworld.

Orochimaru, ring empty, the ring position: the little finger of the left hand

Empty represents nothingness, which means that Orochimaru does not actually have an exact body. After completing the reincarnation of the dead, Orochimaru can be said to have no real body of his own. Therefore, nothingness and such Orochimaru are just right to correspond.

Hoshigaki Kisame, ring south, ring position: left ring finger


south means Sagittarius, and in the legend, Sagittarius controls life and death, that is, he can control his own life. At the end of the story, the Hoshigaki Kisame uses suicide to end his own life, which can be regarded as a kind of control over his own life.

Deidara, Ring North, Ring Position: Left Middle Finger


It is said that the South Lord lives and the North Lord dies, and Deidara is such a person who is in charge of death. Whether he is taking someone else’s heart or exchanging someone’s body for money, Deidara’s life and death are completely inseparable. Hidan, ring three, ring position: left index finger


Three stands for three-station, representing communication. Hidan has always been promoting his own evil spirits in  Akatsuki‘s organization, so it is inevitable to deal with people, so three and Hidan are also exactly corresponding.

Sasori Ring Jade, Ring Position: Little Finger of Left Hand

Jade represents purity. Although it seems that this is not related to the actions of the scorpion, but carefully, the wish of the scorpion is actually the wish of a very pure child, that is, to be able to be with his parents, so from this From a point of view, the scorpion is still very pure.



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